From Salesperson to Sales Professional

By June 27, 2019Uncategorized

You know, it’s often the subtle little changes that we make to our sales presentations that have a major impact and take us from being a salesperson to a sales professional – like using good words and phrases.

In the course of your day, how many times do use the word “standard” when referring to what comes included with your homes? Let’s be honest – who wants something that is “standard” – that’s not very exciting or impressive is it?  Instead, think about elevating your presentation with something like “this is one of our inclusive  (or included) features”.

Using the word “upgrade” can strike fear in the hearts of your prospective home buyers.  And if you keep repeating it throughout your demonstration, you may as well be saying “ka-ching, ka-ching” – like cash registers are going off! Perhaps a better alternative would be – “This is one of the many ways that you may choose to personalize your new home with us.”

Basements can conjure up images of spiders and cobwebs, however, a lower level may conjure up images of additional living space for the family.

We can’t change the fact that a room in a home is small.  But instead, can we describe it as a manageable or efficient use of space?

Large might also be described as spacious or grand.  Wasted space becomes bonus space.  Different becomes special or unique.  Cheap becomes cost effective.  Lot or yard becomes a home site.

Remember, no one lives in a unit, and others have houses, but you…well, you have homes.

Forget being a salesperson, and instead, be a sales professional.  Our industry and our customers will thank you!

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