Down on your luck? Time to turn things around.

By July 22, 2018Uncategorized

It happens. Sometimes our sales numbers aren’t where we want or need them to be. And when this happens, we need to turn things around – fast!First, we need to determine how we got ourselves into a “slump” in the first place. Let’s go back in time. What were our sales like three to four months ago? Were they good? If they were, then eureka! We have our answer. Chances are, we dropped the prospecting ball. We stopped prospecting.

When our sales numbers are high, our focus changes from trying to get sales, to trying to service the sales that we’ve already got. And let’s be honest, who likes to prospect in the first place? It’s likely one of our least favorite things to do as it relates to doing our job. I think we’d all agree that it’s much more fun to deal with happy buyers, versus picking up the phone (gasp) and facing the unknown! So instead, we convince ourselves that we’re just too busy…our plate is full…there’s simply no time left in our day to make those calls! The problem is, prospecting is essential to our success.

The only way to avoid the yo-yo effect, is to be consistent with your prospecting efforts. It’s the surefire way to keep your pipeline filled with viable prospects (and your sales manager at bay). Get on the phone, follow-up on those leads, send those emails, call your Broker friends – today, not tomorrow. Plant those seeds and grow your relationships. What you do today will “feed” you in the future, and the next thing you know, you’ll be the luckiest person around!

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